Textbook Availability

Does the library have my textbook?

In short: probably not. Sometimes a professor will put a book you need for your class on hold at the Reserves Desk. You can search Reserves by the professor name, class, or academic department through the Library’s Online Catalog. If the book is being held in Reserves you can ask for it at the Circulation Desk with the professors last name, book title, and/or class title, and section number.

Traditionally, university libraries do not collect textbooks for classes. The cost of supporting that many classes, with a constantly changing selection of textbooks (due to new editions, new classes, and new professors) makes the cost prohibitive. Since this is a general rule of thumb for many universities attempting to acquire textbooks through Interlibrary Loan is often unsuccessful.

Some books, however, such as literature or books written for popular and academic audiences may be available. Check the catalog or ask a librarian.


2 responses to “Textbook Availability

  1. I don’t believe this link Online Catalog is working correctly.

  2. Thanks! It’s been fixed.

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