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Lost your notebook? Check the Library’s Lost & Found

The busy time of the semester is upon us! If you’re anything like us here at the library, you may find yourself a bit scatterbrained and rushed – a good recipe for misplacing your belongings. If you happen to leave your water bottle, hoodie, or any other personal item in the library, check to see if someone turned it in at our lost and found, located at the Circulation Desk.

Remember, don’t leave any valuables unattended, even when the library seems empty. You always have the option to rent out a locker if you are leaving to get a coffee or go out for lunch. Lockers are available for all day rentals, and are located near the bathrooms. Inquire at Circulation for a locker.


Keep your laptops safe by borrowing a locker

Use me! I don't mind...

Use me! I don’t mind…

Freshmanwelcome to the Macdonald-Kelce Library and to UT! Everyone else, hello again and welcome to the Fall 2015 semester! We know how excited you all are to start writing those papers 😉

If you’re studying in the library and need to take a break, make a phone call, or grab some lunch, please don’t leave your valuables laying around. People will swipe laptops, phones, and textbooks. Those people are terrible, but unfortunately it does happen now and again. To help you out, the library has lockers for you to store your stuff temporarily or for the entire day. They are located next to the Journals on the first floor.

The Circulation desk will issue you a key and you can use one locker for any amount of time until one hour before the library closes. Keep in mind no personal locks may be used. The full policy is listed on our “About the Macdonald-Kelce Library” Guide.

Questions? Stop by the Circulation Desk or call 813 253 6231.