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Are you an artist? Learn how to incorporate other work into your own.

It’s called Fair Use. Learn how to mix, collage, and use things that inspire you into your own work without infringing on copyright. Check out the infographic below.

From the College Art Association on the topic of Fair Use in the Visual Arts:

For centuries, artists have incorporated the work of others as part of their creative practice. Today, many artists occasionally or routinely reference and incorporate artworks and other cultural productions in their own creations. Such quotation is part of the construction of new culture, which necessarily builds on existing culture. It often provides a new interpretation of existing works, and may (or may not) be deliberately confrontational. Increasingly, artists employ digital tools to incorporate existing (including digital) works into their own, making uses that range from pastiche and collage (remix), to the creation of new soundscapes and lightscapes. Sometimes this copying is of a kind that might infringe copyright, and sometimes not. But whatever the technique, and whatever may be used (from motifs or themes to specific images, text, or sounds), new art can be generated.

PRINCIPLE: Artists may invoke fair use to incorporate copyrighted material into new artworks in any medium, subject to certain limitations:


  • Artists should avoid uses of existing copyrighted material that do not generate new artistic meaning, being aware that a change of medium, without more, may not meet this standard.
  • The use of a preexisting work, whether in part or in whole, should be justified by the artistic objective, and artists who deliberately repurpose copyrighted works should be prepared to explain their rationales both for doing so and for the extent of their uses.
  • Artists should avoid suggesting that incorporated elements are original to them, unless that suggestion is integral to the meaning of the new work.
  • When copying another’s work, an artist should cite the source, whether in the new work or elsewhere (by means such as labeling or embedding), unless there is an articulable aesthetic basis for not doing so.



Paramount Pictures releases over 100 free movies to YouTube


Film buffs and sci fi nerds: you can now view 100+ free (mostly B) movies on Paramount’s YouTube site Paramount Vault. Watch classic films like I Married a Monster from Outer Space and King Creole (Elvis!) completely gratis.

Movies Worth Watching: Annie Hall

1060609I recently saw Annie Hall for the first time and am now completely obsessed with the films of Woody Allen. Annie Hall is emblematic of Allen’s singular perspective and artistic style and was the 1978 Academy Award winner for Best Film, Director (Allen), Actress (Diane Keaton), and Screenplay (Allen and Marshall Brickman). Luckily for me and anyone else interested in becoming better acquainted with the work of Woody Allen the library has several of his films in the DVD collection available for check out. To find a movie search the Online Catalog using the exact title or by author using author last name first name (Allen Woody) and selecting Author Browse.

The library also has a number of books by Woody Allen and books of criticism about the iconic writer/director and his films. Below are a few recommendations but to find more check the Online Catalog.

Lax, EConversations with Woody Allen., & Allen, W. (2009). Conversations with Woody Allen: His films, the movies, and moviemaking. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

Allen, W. (1975). Without feathers. New York: Random House.

Silet, C. L. P. (2006). The films of Woody Allen: Critical essays. Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press.