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Introduction to EBSCOhost – Tutorial

One of our largest database vendors just got even larger.

EBSCOhost acquired Wilson Web (aka H. W. Wilson) last year and in early February everything currently in Wilson Web will be a part of EBSCOhost. At this point, as far as I can tell, everything you might need in Wilson is already in EBSCOhost. This means that the chances that you’ll use EBSCOhost to locate information for an assignment is very high. Spend a few minutes watching the following videos to improve your ability to use EBSCOhost databases to get the best information for your project.

Note that in the following video the default page is to simple search. We set our default page to the advanced search. One good habit to acquire when searching any database is to use the advanced search whenever possible.

While watching the tutorial you might want to open another window or tab and follow along. When the video shows you how to do a new task, hit pause and then mimic the tutorial with the EBSCOhost session you’ve begun in that new tab or window. Academic Search Complete is a good database to start with when learning how to use the EBSCOhost suite of databases. Remember, to use the database you will have to be logged in to Esearch.

You might also want to check out the EBSCOhost Basic Search Tutorial.

More EBSCOhost video tutorials can be found at their YouTube page.