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The American Journal of Nursing 2011 Book of the Year Award-Winners at the Library

The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) 2011 Book of the Year Awards are an important guide to the best works published in nursing. The Macdonald Kelce Library has nearly every single one of the 2011 winners, and this year more than ever are available in electronic editions.

Listed below are the categories and the winners. Bolded titles are titles we have in the library. If they are available in an electronic version I’ve added a link. Note that you must be logged into Esearch to read the electronic versions of these books. If there is a nursing book you need that is not in our catalog we may be able to obtain a copy through interlibrary loan. (Thanks to our Nursing/Criminology/Education librarian Elizabeth Barron for acquiring these titles!)

(You can read issues of AJN, American Journal of Nursing by logging into Esearch, selecting the Ovid database from the list of databases, and then clicking on the ‘Journals’ tab. From there you can either enter the journal name in the search box, or scroll down the alphabetical list to find AJN, American Journal of Nursing.)

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