Scanners Printers Copiers

PRINTERS: All of the computer work stations are connected to a nearby printer. All the printers, except two color printers in the front computer lab, print only in black & white.

B&W printing is $0.10 per copy

Color printing is $0.50 per copy

PRINTING BALANCE: At the beginning of each semester students have a 30 dollar printing balance. When those funds are exhausted students may add money to their account through Spartan Web by choosing the following links:

Campus Life

Information Technology

Lab Printing

Buying Pages and the Print Release Station

You will then have the option to add money to your printing balance using either a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

DISPUTE FORM: To address printing errors and printing charge reimbursement follow the same steps as above to locate and fill out an electronic dispute form.

COPIERS: The Library has several copiers, including a color copier, in the corner beyond the Circulation Desk. It is 10 cents per page to make black and white copies and color copies are 45 cents per page.

COPY CARD: There is also the option of purchasing a reusable copy card. This card has a one-time cost of 1 dollar which includes an initial balance of 65 cents. All copies made using the copy card cost 8 cents rather than 10 cents.

SCANNERS: There are two scanners in the Library. One is a USB Scanner, and one is attached to a computer. Both are by the Reference Desk.

FAX MACHINE: The Library does not have a FAX machine. There is a FAX machine available for student use at the campus Bookstore located in the Vaughn Center.

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