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Institutional Repository

The Macdonald-Kelce Library now has a new Institutional Repository (IR) online! The UT IR mission is to collect, preserve, and distribute the intellectual output of the UT community. Many universities have an IR in order to store and preserve materials such as theses, dissertations, university publications, faculty papers, conference proceedings, and college events, and make them accessible to the world.

What you’ll find now in the IR is a collection of past MFA Theses (most are campus-access restricted), and materials from a conference hosted here at UT.

In the future the Library hopes to collect more scholarship created by you, whether you are a student, faculty, or staff. Keep up with the progress of the IR by visiting the library’s homepage at, and reading this blog!

Learn more about the IR on our guide:

Explore the IR here:




Free Speech or Hate Speech?

UPDATE: Seems like a line was drawn over the weekend. Simon & Schuster cancelled Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ book deal, as debated below.

The following news story from about a month ago (Jan 2017) tackles the argument: do publishers, in this case Simon & Schuster, get to decide what is published despite a clear concern that the book may contain flagrant hate speech? In a university, there are policies enforcing the rights of free speech amongst students and faculty in the classroom to encourage critical nuanced debate. What do you think about the arguments brought up in this article to address this particular situation?

 Excerpt from the article:

“Trying to suppress hateful speech doesn’t make it go away,” says [Joan Bertin, executive director of the NCAC]. “I mean, I think the whole idea of free speech requires us to be active participants, and when we hear ideas that we think are bad and harmful, it requires us to say ‘why,’ not just say ‘shut up.'”

But publisher Dennis Johnson says another equally important right is at stake here: The right to protest.

“This is not about censoring right wing voices,” he says. “This is about combating hate speech and its entry into the mainstream.”

University of Tampa Press Publication Receives American Book Award

SouthsideBuddhist_CoverFrom Public Information:

Southside Buddhist, by Ira Sukrungruang and published by the University of Tampa Press, has received a 2015 American Book Award. The University of Tampa Press published the book in late 2014.

Sukrungruang, who teaches writing at the University of South Florida, is a Thai American writer. The autobiographical essays in Southside Buddhist include reflections on life, art and writing. His previous books include his memoir Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy and a collection of poetry, In Thailand It Is Night, which won the University of Tampa Press’ Anita Claire Scharf Prize.

Southside Buddhist was also chosen as the recipient of the Florida Book Award Bronze Medal for General Nonfiction earlier this year.

The American Book Awards were created to provide recognition for outstanding literary achievement from the entire spectrum of America’s diverse literary community. The Before Columbus Foundation announced the winners of the 26th annual book awards on July 20 with a formal recognition planned for October.

Learn more about Southside Buddhist and purchase a copy from the Tampa Press site.

UT History online


Did you know that the library has digitized issues of university publications The Minaret, The Moroccan and the UT Journal?  Browse through past issues of our university newspaper, The Minaret, or take a look at what some of your professors used to look like in the 80’s in our yearbook, The Moroccan.

Once you are in the online archive, click on “Issue List” and it will bring up a list of all the past Newspapers, Yearbooks, or Magazines by year. You can also plug in search terms to see if there was an article about a certain event or person in UT history. Try “bathing suits” or “smoking” or “John F Kennedy” and see what pops up!

February UT Insighter

Have you received your QEP T-shirt yet? Learn more about the QEP and what’s going on around campus in this February’s Insighter:

Some highlights:
-Learn about UT’s recently announced new cybersecurity major
-Stop by the Electronics Alive III at the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery
-See who got recognized for their Madness at Midnight.
-Browse the events calendar for the next two weeks to make sure you’re not missing any games, lectures, and other exciting events

Campus Movie Fest begins this week


Campus MovieFest is BACK at UT for the 11th year in a row!

CMF will give you everything you need to make your own 5-minute short film in 7 days, including:

– an Apple Macbook Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud
– a Panasonic HD camera
– a Western Digital My Passport hard drive
– a microphone and tripod
– Technical support and training throughout the week
– 1,100 license-free songs

And the best part? It’s FREE AND OPEN to all UT students!

The top 16 films will be showcased at the Falk Theater, and the top 4 films will move on to our national event, CMF Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA to compete against filmmakers from around the world! This year’s prizes include over $150,000 in cash, gear, professional gigs, industry exposure, a chance to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, and more!

To sign up, go to before February 4th, and click “Participate in this Event”. Follow the instructions to confirm your account.


CMF LAUNCH – February 4th – 12PM to 5PM – Vaughn Lobby

CMF COLLECTION – February 10th – 2PM to 6PM – Vaughn Lobby

CMF FINALE – February 12th – Doors 7PM / Show 7:30PM – Falk Theater

And join the Facebook Event Page for CMF @ UT 2015 to stay informed with news, announcements, technical support questions, cast & crew calls, and more:

Saunders Writing Center Spring Schedule

This semester, take advantage of the valuable services offered at the Saunders Writing Center. Whether you’re struggling to clearly express an argument, or you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look over your draft, experienced tutors are available to guide you through the paper writing process.

Stop by Plant Hall 323 during the hours below:


FAQs about the QEP

Interested in learning more about the QEP initiative of inquiry through experiential education? What does that mean for students, staff, and for the entire UT community? And what are those banners you’re seeing around campus that say Welcome SACS? Check out the Q & A page to find out more.

QEP Q-and-A

The University of Tampa is required to select, create and implement a QEP as part of our Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) re-affirmation process. Being regionally accredited allows students to qualify for federal financial aid, to transfer classes and credits between institutions, and certifies that we are a competent and qualified institution of higher learning. more…….

QEP Campus-Wide Initiative: Learn by Doing

UT is undergoing a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a five year initiative to reinforce hands-on, or “experiential” education through the emphasis of undergraduate research projects. This initiative will give students a head start in preparation for the job market, as well as reaffirm accreditation for UT as a university of excellence. Please visit the QEP website for more information.

From the Office of Public Information:

QEP: UT Equips Students to Learn by Doing

Learning by Doing: Inquiry-based Experiential Education is a campus-wide initiative to increase hands-on, practical and real-world opportunities for UT students.

“Learning by doing is of course not new to UT, as it is rooted in our mission statement. But this new QEP, with its focus on undergraduate research and internships, anchors learning by doing at the very heart of the curriculum,” said Provost David Stern, vice president of academic affairs.

Experiential education allows students to act on what they have learned, to use the theories and skills gained in the classroom to solve challenging problems. It gives graduates an edge on the competition for jobs and graduate school. The QEP, once approved, is a five-year plan that will be implemented beginning August 2016.

…… more here

How a grand hotel became the University of Tampa

Pam Iorio, former two-term mayor of Tampa, and current Leader-in-Residence at the John H. Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa, has been writing about the history of UT for the Tampa Tribune. Her most recent column covers how a hotel became a university. In August she explained how the Plant Hotel came to be owned by the city of Tampa.

Trivia: Pam Iorio’s mother once worked in the library at the University of Tampa! (Then known as the Merl Kelce Library.)

“Tampa Mayor Robert E. Lee Chancey appointed a special committee to determine the best use for the hotel. Spaulding was one of the appointees. There were plenty of suggestions: a home of a permanent exhibit of Florida products, a medical school, even a sanitarium. The idea that finally met with the approval of city officials and the University Board of Trustees was a 10-year lease to The University of Tampa.

“In August 1933, a battered pickup truck came to Hillsborough High School to pick up the few furnishings and records that would comprise the fledgling university. Depositing their meager possessions at the former hotel, the administration of the University of Tampa now had the formidable task of converting a huge, rundown hotel into a suitable venue for their students and faculty.”