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Virtual Research & Reference Help Available

Hi UT. Even though the building will be closed starting this Sunday 3/22, we will still be (virtually) here to answer questions.

Use the email or chat function on this page to get in touch:

We also have capabilities to video chat or screen share via Zoom for help with more complex research questions. Just start a chat with us and we can determine together the best method for your needs.

Chat Reference is available during the following hours:

M-Th 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday 11am-7pm

Sunday 1pm-9pm

Two options: (1) Type your name in the 'Chat with a Librarian' box and we will be right with you during scheduled chat hours; (2) Type your question into the 'Ask by Email' box and we will get back to you as soon as we are online.
Two options: (1) Type your name in the ‘Chat with a Librarian’ box and we will be right with you during scheduled chat hours; (2) Type your question into the ‘Ask by Email’ box and we will get back to you as soon as we are online.
A view of that chat box. We are here and happy to help.
A view of the chat box. We are here and happy to help.

Stay safe – MKL

Early Voting in Tampa

Save yourself some grief waiting in line on Election Day (March 17) and early vote right now for the Presidential Primary!

If you are registered to vote in Hillsborough County, check to see which early voting site is near you. There are a couple near campus, including a short walk to the Fred B. Karl County Center downtown at 601 E Kennedy Blvd.

Bring two forms of identification (Drivers License, Student ID, or Passport) and you are good to go.

Early voting hours are 10AM – 6PM from today until March 15, or the Sunday before Election Day.

Take a look at the locations here:

Good luck with finals UT!

You, right now.

Need a mental break? The Library has bowls of candy, puzzles to work on, and a calm studious atmosphere that whispers “you got this.” Here are the hours for finals week.

Syllabi Collection in the UoTIR

The Library is collecting, on a volunteer basis, faculty syllabi for the benefit of students, faculty, and the greater educational community. As a University of Tampa student, taking a look at a class syllabus is a great way to choose which professors to take next semester. If you are thinking about matriculating or working at UT, it’s beneficial to review many of the quality courses offered here.

CTL Talk: Strategies for Finding Grant Opportunities, with Librarian Shannon Spencer and Director of Sponsored Programs Lorelei Sells

Thursday October 10, 12PMJenkins Hall, Community Room 1

Presented by Lorelei Sells, MA, MPA, Director of Sponsored Programs and Shannon Spencer, MFA, MLIS, Associate Librarian Reference and Periodicals

Ms. Sells will help faculty to identify funding opportunities, through such tools as Grant (federal funding), and setting up auto alerts from sponsors.

Ms. Spencer will review library databases, such as the Foundation Directory Online, a listing of grant makers and the grants they’ve made, and research databases helpful for the discovery portion of grant writing.

Welcome new and continuing students to the Fall 2019 semester

Detroit Publishing Co., Copyright Claimant, and Publisher Detroit Publishing Co. Tampa Bay Hotel, Tampa, Fla. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>

We hope you all had a fun summer and are ready to start a fast roll up the undulating hills of academia this year. The Macdonald-Kelce Library is here to help you through college, from Freshman to Graduate.

Here are some tips:

Bookmark on your personal device. This is the front page of the library.

Sign into Esearch when looking for articles in the databases. Log in with your network username and password. Use the same password when signing into the campus computers and MyUTampa to get to Blackboard.

Visit the About the Library guide. This guide will answer most of your questions about library services (laptops, lockers, reserves, printing, etc.)

Find a librarian. Every department/college has a liaison librarian. If you need help with your research, stop by the reference desk or email a librarian. We are here to help you.


Today at 2PM: Learn about the Library’s Institutional Repository

50 Years ago we landed on the Moon

In case you haven’t heard by now, July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing! You know how it went: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong couldn’t predict the future, but it turns out humanity has made a couple more leaps since then in the fields of science and technology. Where can you browse new books on these topics, you ask with great fervor? “The Library!” yell librarians into the dark cold atmospheric ether.

So stop by the library to learn more about this historic event from the displays and check out a book or two on recent astronautical expeditions. How about this one from 2017: Endurance : a year in space, a lifetime of discovery by astronaut Scott Kelly TL789.85.K45 A3 2017

We are lucky enough to live in Florida close to the Kennedy Space Station, so if you are able to visit this weekend, here are details of the celebration.

The Library welcomes the Summer Institute for College and University Teachers attending the Center for José Martí Studies

The Center for Martí Studies Affiliate is a month long workshop on Cuban revolutionary José Martí and the interlocking histories of Cuba and Florida. The Macdonald-Kelce Library provides resources for attendees during the Summer Institute. Stop by and see the Martí/Cuba display, talk to a librarian, and use the José Martí research guide.

Tampa was and is a city of Cuban immigrants. Ybor City in particular, the site of José Martí Park, was a central local for the kindling of the Cuban independence movement at the turn of the twentieth century. Read more about this history by checking a book out of the library and going on a walking tour.

Here is further information about the Center for Martí Studies Affiliate at The University of Tampa.

Writing Center Summer Hours