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Introducing Bonnie Barnes, Part-Time Reference Librarian

Bonnie Barnes, Part-Time Reference Librarian at the UT Library, is a new contributor to this blog. You’ll find her at the Reference Desk on Sundays and Thursday nights. She can be reached at

Bonnie Barnes, Part-Time Reference Librarian

How do I use the Library?

Not sure exactly how the library can help you with your school work or research? Stop by the Reference Desk and ask one of our Reference Librarians for a brief overview of our databases and how to look up a book.

If you’re faculty give us a call or send us an email to arrange a time to bring your class over for instruction on how to use the library resources.

If you’re student or faculty you can always email me at ddavisson AT with any question(s).

Welcome to the University of Tampa Library Blog

This blog is here to promote the services and collection of the Macdonald Kelce Library, the library at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida