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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween UT!

Here’s some horror films to rent this weekend:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – turns 40 this year! We’re getting old! PN1995.9.M86 R573 2002

Invasion of the Body Snatchers – the original “pod people”  PN1995.9.A48 I583 2007

Nosferatu- not quite your sexy glittery vampire of today PN1995.9.D64 N563 2007

Häxan– most of you would have been accused of Witchcraft during the Inquisition. Yes, you PN1995.9.H6 H3 2006

Aliens – Sigourney Weaver is the best PN1995.9.A48 A454 2003

Psycho – classic. PN1995.9.H6 P793 2005

Soylent Green – is people! peeeople!!!!  PN1995.9.S26 S695 2003

Browse more films at the DVD spinner in the Library lobby, or check to see if your favorite horror film is in the catalog.


Spooky Films to watch on Halloween

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s October, the month of chills ‘n’ thrills (you spooked yet?) Bask in the autumn leaves, feel the crisp air, and look! pumpkin patches!

Just kidding, it’s always summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the season. The library has a collection of horror films that will help you do just that. Check out the DVD display to browse just a handful of what we have. halloween

Paramount Pictures releases over 100 free movies to YouTube


Film buffs and sci fi nerds: you can now view 100+ free (mostly B) movies on Paramount’s YouTube site Paramount Vault. Watch classic films like I Married a Monster from Outer Space and King Creole (Elvis!) completely gratis.