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It is official….

….bicycle season is here in Tampa – time to take back the streets.

Just look around and you will notice many lawns turning a little yellow and the pooling of puddles in the street are few and far between. There definitely is a nice breeze in the air to keep the sweat off your brow.

The time of feeling “stuck” on campus is OVER. Get yourself on a bike and head out and about.

Just today the 6th annual Bicycle Bash took place in downtown Tampa at Contachobee Park and from everything I heard it was a great success. Small kids were fitted for and given free bike helmets from the Sheriff’s Department of Hillsborough County. Still others found cheap bikes they plan to use to roam around Tampa.

Additionally, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn lead a bike ride from City Hall to the Bash where he gave a speech and promised to work on making Tampa more bicycle friendly.

Making Tampa and Florida for that matter, bike friendly is no small matter. We have one of the highest bike fatality rates in the U.S. Nevertheless, one of the ways we can reverse this figure is getting out there on our bikes and making sure drivers share the road. There is no excuse for not using a bike to get around Tampa especially in the months October to April, there is  very little rain, the roads are flat, and I am sure we ALL have places to go. So grab your bike (and your helmet) and head out on a ride today!