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Free Music Archive

Looking for free music to enhance your creative projects? The Free Music Archive has thousands of high-quality, legal music recordings that are available for downloading. Directed by the radio station WMFU, the Free Music Archive is a platform for collaboration between curators and artists, including radio stations, podcasts, netlabels, venues, artist collectives, museums, music festivals and more.

The site uses Creative Commons copyright. This gives users the legal and technological framework fto incorporate the material into their creative projects or for personal use. Click Here to Learn More about Creative Commons

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Summer Movie Reel Research: Detroit

Out of all the summer blockbusters, the movie Detroit has a special historical significance. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Riots. The movie focuses on the incident at the Algiers Motel that resulted in the murder of three black men and nine other people brutally beaten by the Detroit police, Michigan State Troopers, National Guardsmen, and private guards.

Detroit Riots

The bodies of three shooting victims are removed from the Algiers Motel in midtown Detroit, July 26, 1967. The three black men were found shot to death in a room of the motel. It was determined if they were victims of snipers who were active during the throughout the riot-torn city at night. (AP Photo)

The book that inspired the movie Detroit was written by John Hersey and is available for checkout at the University of Tampa Library.

It’s located on the second floor of the library, call number F574.D4 H4 1968

The 1967 Detroit Riots lasted from July 23rd to July 27th. It began with the police raiding an unlicensed bar called the Blind Pig and escalated into one of the deadliest and most destructive riots in U. S. history.  Below are some resources from the University of Michigan and a link to a collection of photographs from the Associated Press, The Ann Arbor News and The Jackson Citizen Patriot.

Detroit 1967 Riot’s Quick Statistics

Deaths: 43

Injuries: 1,189

Damages: $287 million and $323 million.

Arrests: 7,231

Stores looted or burned: 2,509

Click Here to view more  Quick Facts courtesy of the University of Michigan

Listen to Testimonies from people who survived the Riots

Click Here to listen to a testimony from a child who lived through the riots

Click Here to listen to a testimony from a looter who lived through  the riots

View Archival Photographs of the 1967 Riots

These photographs are courtesy of the Associated Press, The Ann Arbor News and The Jackson Citizen Patriot. Click Here to view more photographs

Florida Memory

The State Archives of Florida is the central repository for the records of Florida State Government. The Archives is mandated by law to collect, preserve, and make available for research the records of the State of Florida, as well as private manuscripts, local government records, photographs, and other materials that complement official State records.

Tampa's tobacco industry

Archives are a great resource to find out more information about a particular place, time and communities. They also are a great place to find primary sources. The Florida State Archives have primary source sets to help students and historians learn more about Florida’s history. Click here to explore those primary sources.

African American preachers who protested segregated bus seating - Tallahassee, FloridaSit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter - Tallahassee, Florida

What is a primary source? “In historical research, primary sources are original written or physical items created in the time period being studied.”

To learn more about primary sources check out the University of Tampa’s Research Guide for Primary Sources.

The Florida State Archives provides the public with photograph collections, video and audio recordings, curated collections, exhibits and educational resources for teachers.

Want to use an image in your school project? No problem! Over 200,000 images in the Florida State Archive are copy-right free! Just make sure to give the State Archives of Florida credit in your paper or work.

Click Here to Check out the Florida State Archives

The queen at the Florida Alligator Farm - Jacksonville, Florida

The Internet has an Archive?

Founded in 1996, the Internet Archive was created to allow students and researchers the opportunity to search back through the Internet Archive’s digital collections.

Currently the Internet Archive has:

  • 150 billion Web Pages that have been archived with their Way Back Machine.
  • 240,000 Movies.
  • 500,000 Audio Recordings including over 70,000 live concerts.
  • 8,000,000 Texts & E-books.
  • 1,600 Educational Items (Lectures, Classes and More!)
  • 30,000 Software Items. (Game Emulators and More!)

The Value of  Internet Libraries

Libraries are one of societies most valuable institutions. These institutions serve their communities with free access to information resources and serve as historians to record their communities cultural artifacts and history. What happens when your community is the internet?

Internet Libraries strive to preserve digital content that has been created and posted to the internet for research and scholarship. The Internet Archive in collaboration with the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian are working together to make sure these historically significant items do not disappear.

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Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a FREE resource that stores over 11,581,302 information resources online.

These  resources include photos, audio files, books, manuscripts and more from libraries and museums all over America.

Search the DPLA by using their map, browsing their curated exhibitions, searching by a specific date or year, and by doing a basic search in their library.

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