About Esearch

When we acquire databases our licensing agreements require that we restrict access to the UT community. To restrict access we require a password to access most databases. We call this log in process Esearch.

You use the same username and password when logging into Esearch as you do when logging into the Spartans Domain.

There are two common problems we come across when people are having problems logging in. If you attempt to log in incorrectly three times (or more) the system will block access to your account for 30 minutes. For example, if the Caps Lock key has been pushed you may be entering the correct password, but with capital letters instead of lowercase. Wait 30 minutes and try again.

The other fix that often works is re-setting your password in SpartanWeb. Go to http://www.ut.edu/spartanweb or spartanweb.ut.edu and logon. From there select the Campus Life tab, then Info Tech, then Change Spartans Domain password.

If you need assistance with your log-in information, please contact the IT Help Desk at at StudentHelp@ut.edu or at x 6255.

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