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2018 Printing Charges

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that printing charges have gone up this Spring. Here’s a reminder of what you are allotted per semester:



Welcome back! Here’s a helpful tip…

cat-using-computer.jpgEvery semester brings new expectations, excitements, and challenges. It’s not always easy to dive back into work, especially when technology seems to be working against you. One thing is certain: many of you will be locked out of your Spartans Domain over break. Don’t worry! There’s a good chance you can unlock it yourselves.

Go to and click “unlock.” You can do this at anytime, whether you are locked out because it’s been 90 days since you last logged in, or you’ve forgotten your password.

If you get an error message, visit the Computer Center and they will sort it out for you. Also, if you are having printing problems in any lab (you need your Spartans Domain to log in), the Computer Center will help with these issues.

Have a great Spring semester!


Happy New Year, the Library is Open!

dog-santa-claus-hat-coat-happy-new-year-lettering-sweater-calligraphy-salute-vintage-black-engraving-illustration-104489799.jpgIf you’re taking a class during Intercession or are back on campus after the holidays, stop by the library to warm up, get some work done, check out some books and DVDs, and read a magazine for fun (yes, reading Vanity Fair in print is fun!). Our hours are always posted online. Wearing sweaters in Florida is fun too – stay warm!