Printing! Printing! Printing!

Welcome UT! (or welcome back)

The Library has two new printers that are copy/scan/print and color equipped. They are both located in the lab directly to the right of the (new!) front doors. The other printers are located near the computers on the first floor.

As the semester begins, please be patient with any paper jams or other printing errors that will happen. We are still smoothing out the bumps from this summer’s maintenance repairs.

If you are stationed at any other computer in the library other than the lab next to the doors, you may send your print job to the two new printers, whether your document is in black & white or in color. Just choose:

PRLIB106TG 469


PRLIB106TG 368

To retrieve your print job from these printers, you need to log in with your Spartans Domain into the printer itself. If you are having problems with your Spartans Domain, see the technology help desk at the Jaeb Computer Center.

If you need to print in color, you must choose color from the print settings. All printing defaults to black & white, double sided, and prints to the nearest printer. The library does not have wifi printing, so no printing from your laptops or phones.

Stop by the Reference Desk with any printing problems, or other questions about our services.



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