The Internet has an Archive?

Founded in 1996, the Internet Archive was created to allow students and researchers the opportunity to search back through the Internet Archive’s digital collections.

Currently the Internet Archive has:

  • 150 billion Web Pages that have been archived with their Way Back Machine.
  • 240,000 Movies.
  • 500,000 Audio Recordings including over 70,000 live concerts.
  • 8,000,000 Texts & E-books.
  • 1,600 Educational Items (Lectures, Classes and More!)
  • 30,000 Software Items. (Game Emulators and More!)

The Value of  Internet Libraries

Libraries are one of societies most valuable institutions. These institutions serve their communities with free access to information resources and serve as historians to record their communities cultural artifacts and history. What happens when your community is the internet?

Internet Libraries strive to preserve digital content that has been created and posted to the internet for research and scholarship. The Internet Archive in collaboration with the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian are working together to make sure these historically significant items do not disappear.

Click the image below to explore the Internet Archive!


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