QEP Campus-Wide Initiative: Learn by Doing

UT is undergoing a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a five year initiative to reinforce hands-on, or “experiential” education through the emphasis of undergraduate research projects. This initiative will give students a head start in preparation for the job market, as well as reaffirm accreditation for UT as a university of excellence. Please visit the QEP website for more information.

From the Office of Public Information:

QEP: UT Equips Students to Learn by Doing

Learning by Doing: Inquiry-based Experiential Education is a campus-wide initiative to increase hands-on, practical and real-world opportunities for UT students.

“Learning by doing is of course not new to UT, as it is rooted in our mission statement. But this new QEP, with its focus on undergraduate research and internships, anchors learning by doing at the very heart of the curriculum,” said Provost David Stern, vice president of academic affairs.

Experiential education allows students to act on what they have learned, to use the theories and skills gained in the classroom to solve challenging problems. It gives graduates an edge on the competition for jobs and graduate school. The QEP, once approved, is a five-year plan that will be implemented beginning August 2016.

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