The Adventures of Naughty Sparty at the Library

Finals can drive anyone a little crazy. Our beloved two dimensional mascot Flat Sparty has gotten into some shenanigans at the Macdonald-Kelce Library this week.

We think Sparty was trying to take a much needed breather from all the stress and had a little too much fun in the Library after hours………


Uh-oh. Flat Sparty messed up the puzzle. Stop by the library and help put it back together!


After getting reports about seeing lights on in the library after closing, we watched the security videos and found Sparty hiding in an old pom-pom in the back room. What is he doing here?


No, Sparty, that’s is not the way to make a stress ball. Stop by the library to make your own.


Flat Sparty wants to watch a movie. You need to stop by the front desk first, Sparty. Come by the library and check out a film to take a break while studying. Sorry, popcorn not provided.


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