New Nursing Database: Joanna Briggs Evidence Based Practice

Attention Nursing Students! Check out this newly acquired database that will help you with your  research.

Sponsored by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI),  the Joanna Briggs Evidence Based Practice database is a comprehensive resource which focuses on evidence-based practice information. The reviews, guidelines, and technical reports found in JBI EBP cover a wide range of medical, nursing, and health science specialties and include a unique suite of information that’s been analyzed, appraised, and prepared by expert reviewers.

Resources include over 3,000 records across seven publication types: Evidence Based Recommended Practices, Evidence Summaries, Best Practice Information Sheets, Systematic Reviews, Consumer Information Sheets, Systematic Review Protocols, and Technical Reports.

The JBI EBP database has ten tools that you can use for appraisal and implementation, quality improvement, and research. Examples include:

  •  JBI Journal Club – a tool for storing and appraising articles for journal clubs.
  •  JBI PACES – an online program that assists with clinical audits and practice changes.
  •  JBI Rapid – a process to analyze articles using a checklist.
  •  Manual Builder – tool for creating evidence-based manuals based on the needs of your organization.
  •  Pamphlet Builder – tool to develop evidence-based pamphlets for your patients.

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