New book: Human Trafficking part of the Current Controversies series

Current Controversies is a series of books published by Greenhaven Press, a division of Gale, Cengage Learning. Books in this series discuss and examine social and political issues that are of concern both in the United States and around the world.

HumanTraffickingHuman Trafficking, edited by Dedria Bryfonski,  includes four chapters that ask the following questions: “what factors contribute to human trafficking?” and “should internet sites used for sex trafficking be shut down?” and “does globalization promote human trafficking?” and finally “how can human trafficking be addressed?” Each chapter has sub-sections that offer pro and con arguments as well as general overviews of the main subject of the chapter. These sections, written by scholars and experts in the field of human trafficking, contain details and debatable information that will challenge your point of view. The book also contains an organization listing and a bibliography students can use to find further materials about human trafficking.

Who would use this book? Well, it definitely is a place to start if you are working on your MIOP (my informed opinion paper) paper. Students also taking communications or speech classes will also find the book useful. Other students studying political science, international relations, and even business will also find the book helpful when beginning research on the topic of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is also a hot button issue locally, Florida ranks third in the nation when it comes to human trafficking. Take a look at this story  from WUSF – you can read or listen to it. The article also notes that while Florida’s numbers are high in human trafficking, the state is working just as hard at combating the problem.

Of course, you can also find even more information on human trafficking on the library’s databases. Clearly there is much out there on this topic, making it a research project that is doable and with a local tie in. If this seems like something that interests you, the book Human Trafficking is on the New Book Shelf across from the Reference Desk, call number: HQ 281 .H832 2013.


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