Gateways Intro to the Library Video

Finally! I’ve completed the video for the Gateways Introduction to the Library. I have a new-found respect for anyone who can put together a polished video. Due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances this one took waayyyyyyy longer than I anticipated.

This video is only one part of the Gateways introduction. It is paired with a quiz on Blackboard. The purpose of this quiz is to make students click on various links to learn answers about the library.

I love teaching research skills to students, but I’ve noticed (and research supports the idea) that unless a student is in the middle of a research project the presentations on research resources are not salient.

If I have time I’m going to re-do the intro and conclusion. It’s hard to get good lighting in the library. But, until then, remember we’re happy to answer questions at the reference desk. See you in the library!


One response to “Gateways Intro to the Library Video

  1. Nicely done.