Beginning week 4 and only 12 to go before exams…

I admit it, I am obsessed with the calendar. I like to know what is coming and what I need to get done by what date. I don’t like to be rushed and I HATE forgetting things, although sadly I regularly do forget things and fail to stay on top of what needs to get done. After all I have two paid jobs and one first grader, so my head gets a little cloudy sometimes.

Right about now I am feeling tired as we begin week four of the fall semester. How are you feeling? Tired too? Well, let me run down some calendar numbers for you:

There are 12 weeks left until exams

There are 10 weeks until Thanksgiving break

There are 8 weeks until Veterans Day

There are 6 weeks until Halloween

and 4 weeks to Columbus Day

Out of this list ONLY Thanksgiving is a UT holiday; meaning the library is closed from 10 pm on Tuesday, November 26 and doesn’t reopen until Sunday, December 1 at 12 noon. So wake up, get some exercise and get on the ball.

Maybe you think you have a long time, Well, maybe…I suppose you now have settled into your routine. You know where you need to be and when. You know when you can manage free time and when you can’t. BUT have you begun your library research related project? If the answer is NO, maybe you should get started.

The library is open many hours but librarians are NOT here all those hours. Check the library’s web page and find out when you can meet up with a librarian and get started on your projects, have time for several rough drafts, and create the product that satisfies you and gets you the grades.


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