What Librarians Think About: this librarian thinks about the Sam and Dave classic: “Wrap it up, I’ll take it”

As I drove to the Macdonald-Kelce Library this morning I thought about where we all are at in the big scheme of the things when it comes to the year, the semester and college in general.

Once here my first reference question of the day was on the phone from a faculty member desperate to get a full text, hard copy article from 1993 and get a project done, the due date was upon her. She was so happy to know we had the article that she ran over from her office to pick up the article (she had been toiling away in her office since 7:30am  this morning – yes, it is true even your professors work hard…). She actually arrived BEFORE I could even finish photocopying it! You can tell she is a person eager to “wrap it up,” to get her project done.

For many of our students graduation day is close, in fact it is 35 days away not including today. Wow! That is soon. For others, it is just the end of another spring semester and still for others it is the end of their FIRST spring semester at college (an experience that will never be new again). For us here it at the library we are gearing up and doing the prep work to execute our summertime projects (you know, the things we can’t get done when we are busy helping you succeed with the research process while at the same time providing you the accessible space to get things done, i.e. we save the weeding and shelf-shift and table/chair moving for the summertime when there are fewer people here to disturb).

Wherever you maybe in the college experience, when it comes to the quickly approaching end of the semester and the work you must accomplish I hope you will find inspiration in the following Sam & Dave song: “Wrap It Up, I’ll Take It.” Check out this YouTube clip of Sam Moore singing his age-old classic. Maybe it will help you get your paper, research project, etc. done now.

By the way, don’t forget your reference librarians are here to help you create a product you are proud of. Now is the time to seek us out.

Speaking of time, your University of Tampa reference librarians offer you LOTS of time.  Mondays thru Thursdays you can find at least one if not two librarians at the reference desk between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm and on Fridays librarians are on the reference desk between 8 am – 5 pm. On Saturdays (10 am  – 6 pm) and Sundays (1 – 9 pm) you will find myself or my other “happy go-lucky” half-time librarian Stacy Harn, present and ready to help you “wrap it up.”

So, get going, take lots of breaks, but get your research and writing done!

April is a beautiful time in Tampa. After our chilly March, I am glad April is now here. The weather is nice, it isn’t too hot yet, you can keep the windows open with a fan blowing, indeed the beach is calling. Additionally, there are lots of things going on here at UT and in Tampa in general between now and May 11. You want to enjoy those things but you can only do so if you “wrap it up.”


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