Read Japan Day Thursday, April 4

NipponFoundationLogoJoin us on Thursday, April 4 between 3:30 and 5:30 pm as we celebrate our NEW Bento Books.

We’ll have two special guests.

At 3:30, near the main library entrance, stop, watch, and learn about Origami: An Artistic Gift from Japan with special guest, origami artist, Mr. Mikio Kato.

At 4:00 pm on the 2nd Floor of the library in AV-2 join us for an informal talk from guest speaker, Dr. Liv Coleman, UT Assistant Professor of Government and World Affairs for a discussion about contemporary Japan.

After Dr. Coleman’s talk we will finish out the afternoon with Japanese refreshments, also in AV-2.

In Japan a quick and easy meal can be packed in a “Bento Box” or one can purchase a bento meal at a corner store. In Japanese bento literally mean convenient. At The Macdonald-Kelce Library at the University of Tampa we are happy to announce the recent acquisition of what we are calling “Bento books.”

What are Bento books? Bento Books are a collection of new books found at the Macdonald-Kelce library. This past fall the Nippon Foundation awarded the Macdonald-Kelce Library a Read Japan grant. Through the Read Japan program the Nippon Foundation donates books about contemporary Japan to libraries overseas from their catalog of the “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan.” We received books on manga, Japanese social policy, Kabuki, the Japanese car maker Toyota, Tokyo neighborhoods, and more.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come and a take a closer look at the new Bento books on display on tables found near the library’s main entrance. Your Spartan Card serves as your library card.

The Macdonald-Kelce Library: the perfect place for a BENTO meal for your mind any time!


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