The Library of Congress Classification System

I began using the Library of Classification System (LCCS) a LONG time ago (I don’t care to tell you how long ago but it goes without saying that most undergraduates around here were not even a twinkle in someone’s eye back then).

I still don’t have it memorized. I don’t want to memorize it….AND as bright as I know UT students, faculty, and staff are I don’t expect you to memorize it.

Instead, I want you to sit down with me and let me help you search the online catalog and find a book or two or three to get you started on your research paper, group project, power point presentation etc.

It is my job as a librarian to show you how the catalog works. It is my job as a librarian to make sure you know how to navigate the 2nd floor stacks, the reference section, and more. I want you to know how to read and use a call number and FIND a book.

BUT for any of this to happen I need you to talk to me. I need you to sit down with me and take the five minutes to get at least one book call number that seems to satisfy your needs. Then you can take that call number and match it to the book and hence a location where you can browse the collection and find more books you like and can use.

Like I said, I don’t have the LCCS memorized BUT I do have the skills, knowledge and ability to efficiently and effectively help you find the sources you need. After all, spring break is almost here and as that great philosopher Richard O’Brien (aka Riff Raff)  once said: “time is fleeting….” and I know from personal experience doing the “time warp” won’t get you anywhere close to being done with your library research.  Please stop by the reference desk and talk to a librarian today.


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  1. Yay! Richard O’Brien. Wrote some of my favorite songs ever.