Food Policy Reminder

In the process of cramming for finals and completing end-of-the-semester papers and projects students sometimes find themselves spending A LOT of hours in the library. They also find themselves getting hungry. The solution is simple, right? Bring some food into the library and eat while you’re studying.

Which means that it’s time for our end of the semester reminder that the library policy is — NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE LIBRARY.

Yes. You have seen people eat in the library. You may even be enjoying your dinner in the library while reading this. Regardless, no food is allowed in the library.

Here’s why — food, even the residue you leave behind in the trash can, attracts pests (mice, roaches, bugs, etc.). Pests, once they’ve run out of food to eat out of trash can, start looking for more nourishment. It turns out that many bugs love the glue that is used in book binding. (Remember, glue is an organic product made from animal collagen.) Once libraries get infected with pests it is a royal pain to remove them. Plus, the pests damage the collection.

No one working in the library likes to play food cop. This is why you, or someone you know, might eat with no one seeming to mind. However, we do have librarians who will TAKE YOUR FOOD AND THROW IT AWAY without comment. The best way to avoid randomly losing your lunch is to keep it out of the library.

Thank you.


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