007….now appearing in a theater near you and in a library whenever you want

I got to see the new James Bond movie this past weekend, Skyfall and I have to say it was great. Of course, it would have to be really bad for me to not like it since I have been a lover of Bond since I was a teenager but I have been a fan of the Bond creator, novelist Ian Fleming, much longer. Many don’t realize that in addition to Bond, Fleming wrote the children’s classic: Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang – one of my favorite books and movies — who can forget the scary child catcher?

Back to Bond: according to Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (a reference source that is found in one of the library’s databases: Literature Criticisms Online) Fleming wrote thirteen James Bond novels plus additional short stories and screenplays based on the secret agent. Maybe you recognize some of the titles: Casino Royale, Dr. No, From Russia, With Love, and The Man With the Golden Gun. All of these titles are found at the MacDonald-Kelce Library – you can  search for them using the online catalog.

I know many students are deep into writing term papers this week since many have stopped by the reference desk appearing quite desperate and many are trying to get everything done before Thanksgiving. If you are still struggling don’t fret too much, all of your librarians are here to help you. AND if you are facing a conundrum when it comes to what to write about for a literature paper maybe Bond, James Bond is the way to go….Happy researching and writing!


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