The PeaceKeepers Exhibit

The Macdonald-Kelce Library is currently hosting “The PeaceKeepers” exhibit in the Florida Military Room from November 7 through December 15, 2012.

A brutal and bloody civil war erupted in the Balkans in 1992 as the republics of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia each sought to secede from the former multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia. The four year conflict resulted in death and destruction, unparalleled since WWII, fueled by nationalistic and territorial desires and meted out through armed conflict and brutal ethnic cleansing. Casualties of the war are estimated between 100,000 to upwards of 200,000 people. The Bosnian conflict drew to a close in November of 1995 with the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords.

The exhibit honors the spirit of international cooperation carried out through the United Nations peacekeepers and the military, police, and civilian forces drawn from 120 countries who continue to work toward sustaining peace in conflict ravaged areas around the world. President Bill Clinton and diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke, who orchestrated the peace agreement which ended the war, are also honored.

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