James Morris’ Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat

I took a moment to browse the new book shelf here in the library the other day and I noticed a title, James Morris’ Farewell the Trumpets: an Imperial Retreat.

This book caught my eye because I read it for one of my undergraduate history classes. It is great when a book can bring back memories. The class was British Empire history taught by Professor Jo N. Hays at Loyola University. I can remember that class like it was yesterday. Maybe it was so memorable to me because a few days in to the term Professor Hays had a stroke. We had substitute faculty for a few weeks. Eventually Professor Hays returned. Of course, just thinking about those days made me look into what Professor Hays is up to. I am happy to report he is now a Professor Emeritus who still studies and writes on Western imperialism. Indeed it is good to know some things never change! I wonder if anyone else finds it as exciting as I do that the  internet has made it possible for me to check up on my old professor in an instant and to spur great memories? Perhaps I am just a sentimental fool….

In any case, Farewell the Trumpets is part of a three-volume series. If I remember correctly we read the last two volumes.  I feel fortunate to have visited a few of the places mentioned in this work including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Penang, Malaysia.

It might be time for me to re-read Morris’s work, after all, the New York Times Book Review  describes it as “an unorthodox masterpiece, a wise, witty, romantic love-hate affair with a dying empire.”

Interested in checking out Farewell the Trumpets? You can find it on the new book shelf until the end of November (unless it gets checked out). Its call number is: DA 16 .M595 1980. The new book shelf is located directly across from the reference desk by the cozy chairs and lamps – take some time to browse the shelf today…Happy reading!

Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat


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