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Time to wrap things up, get every thing done, and think ahead….

Class sessions are dwindling, papers should be in their final draft stages, and the time for exam studying will commence very soon.

When all that is done and you have returned to your nest, consider grabbing some friends and sign up for the Audubon Society’s 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count.

The bird count takes place between December 14th and January 5th, 2013 depending on your locale (here in Tampa the bird count is on January 5th).

Never heard of the Christmas Bird Count? That is okay, here is some background information. According to the National Audubon Society the Christmas Bird Count is the longest running Citizen Science survey in the world and thousands of individuals participate around the country. It is dependent on volunteers.  Thanks to all the volunteers over the years Audubon’s conservation team and other scientists have vital information about what is happening with birds and the environment.

I have been living in Florida now for two years and almost every day I am amazed by the birds I see. Pelicans skimming the surface of Tampa Bay, majestic eagles trolling the Hillsborough River, and just the other day my friend received a  visit by two screech owls in his backyard in Seminole Heights.

You might find it amazing that my Mom didn’t see a bald eagle in the wild until she was over 60 AND that she had to go to Wyoming to see it because when she was growing up in Ohio there weren’t any bald eagles. Now bald eagles are found along the Ohio River and throughout the midwest.

The Christmas Bird Count is a way to keep track of all our beautiful birds. Here is a the link to find out when the bird count will take place in your neck of the woods: – sign up today!


Extended Hours Until the End of the Semester

The library will have extended hours until the end of the semester. Our new hours are as follows —

SUNDAY: Noon to 2am
MON – WEDS: 8am to 2am
THURSDAY: 8am to Midnight
FRIDAY: 8am to 9pm
SATURDAY: 10am to 6pm

Our extended hours are in effect until December 13. You can find our calendar of hours here.

Hours for Thanksgiving Week, November 19-November 25

The Macdonald-Kelce Library will be closed Wednesday through Saturday. Our hours for the Thanksgiving holiday are as follows —

Monday, Nov. 19 – 8am to midnight
Tuesday, Nov. 20 – 8am to 10pm
Wednesday, Nov. 21 – CLOSED
Thursday, Nov. 22 – CLOSED
Friday, Nov. 23 – CLOSED
Saturday, Nov. 24 – CLOSED
Sunday, Nov. 25 – Noon to midnight (resume regular hours)

Starting the week after the Thanksgiving holiday we will be extending our hours. You can always check our schedule at our hours page.

New Arrivals: Our Punitive Society and Race to Incarcerate

As of 2010 the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated 2,266,800 persons were incarcerated in jails and state and federal prisons with another 4,887,900 on parole and probation.  While that number represents a small decline from previous years the United States continues to lead the world in the amount of people it imprisons.  If you are interesting in exploring this issue further check out these new arrivals to the library’s collection:

From the Publisher: “In this revised edition of his seminal book on race, class, and the criminal justice system…Including newly written material on recent developments under the Bush administration and updated statistics, graphs, and charts throughout, the book tells the tragic story of runaway growth in the number of prisons and jails and the over reliance on imprisonment to stem problems of economic and social development…”

From the Publisher: “This brand new text identifies the macroeconomic forces relevant to imprisonment—poverty and political powerlessness—and explores viable and humane alternatives to our current incarceration binge.”

007….now appearing in a theater near you and in a library whenever you want

I got to see the new James Bond movie this past weekend, Skyfall and I have to say it was great. Of course, it would have to be really bad for me to not like it since I have been a lover of Bond since I was a teenager but I have been a fan of the Bond creator, novelist Ian Fleming, much longer. Many don’t realize that in addition to Bond, Fleming wrote the children’s classic: Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang – one of my favorite books and movies — who can forget the scary child catcher?

Back to Bond: according to Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (a reference source that is found in one of the library’s databases: Literature Criticisms Online) Fleming wrote thirteen James Bond novels plus additional short stories and screenplays based on the secret agent. Maybe you recognize some of the titles: Casino Royale, Dr. No, From Russia, With Love, and The Man With the Golden Gun. All of these titles are found at the MacDonald-Kelce Library – you can  search for them using the online catalog.

I know many students are deep into writing term papers this week since many have stopped by the reference desk appearing quite desperate and many are trying to get everything done before Thanksgiving. If you are still struggling don’t fret too much, all of your librarians are here to help you. AND if you are facing a conundrum when it comes to what to write about for a literature paper maybe Bond, James Bond is the way to go….Happy researching and writing!

The PeaceKeepers Exhibit

The Macdonald-Kelce Library is currently hosting “The PeaceKeepers” exhibit in the Florida Military Room from November 7 through December 15, 2012.

A brutal and bloody civil war erupted in the Balkans in 1992 as the republics of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia each sought to secede from the former multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia. The four year conflict resulted in death and destruction, unparalleled since WWII, fueled by nationalistic and territorial desires and meted out through armed conflict and brutal ethnic cleansing. Casualties of the war are estimated between 100,000 to upwards of 200,000 people. The Bosnian conflict drew to a close in November of 1995 with the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords.

The exhibit honors the spirit of international cooperation carried out through the United Nations peacekeepers and the military, police, and civilian forces drawn from 120 countries who continue to work toward sustaining peace in conflict ravaged areas around the world. President Bill Clinton and diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke, who orchestrated the peace agreement which ended the war, are also honored.

To learn more about UN Peacekeeping visit


Finding Industry Information

Check out this previous blog post – How do I evaluate companies and industries for investment purposes?;

And, this research guide – Industry Profiles (especially the tab on Industry Reports).

Reference Question of the Week: How do I find information on private companies?

It’s often a challenge to find information on private companies. Sometimes it is virtually impossible. Sometimes you can nearly as much information as if they were a publicly traded company. When I’m looking for information on a private company, here are the resources I use.

1. Their website. I look for whatever I can on their website. Especially the names of executives or founders. I also look to see if I can discern the legal name of the corporation. Sometimes the commonly known name is the DBA (Doing Business As) name, and the name you really want is the name under which the company is incorporated. (For example, the nonprofit Glazer Children’s Museum is easier to research once you learn that the official name of the nonprofit is the Glazer Family Foundation.)

2. News. I search through Google News, and through sources like Access World News, Lexis Nexis, and American City Business Journals. The last three sources are available through the list of UT databases (be sure to log in to Esearch first).

3. Department of State websites. Just as the United States has a Department of State, so do most states. Typically the Department of State within the state oversees the incorporation of businesses within the state.

4. Privco. This is a new database we added that collects information about private businesses. It’s strongest when it comes to businesses considering an IPO. However, I always search this database for every private business I research. (Currently Privco is only in our list of Databases. It has not been added to the Esearch yet, and so is only accessible within the library.)

5. ReferenceUSA. This is another database available through the library.

It helps if you spend a little time before your research thinking about the information you’re looking for. Jot down the key information you’re hoping to find. This will help guide you through your search. (Examples of information you might be looking for: CEO, Address, state of incorporation (i.e. Florida? Delaware? California?), DBA names, subsidiary names, names of executives, earnings, expenses, number of employees, etc.)

It is official….

….bicycle season is here in Tampa – time to take back the streets.

Just look around and you will notice many lawns turning a little yellow and the pooling of puddles in the street are few and far between. There definitely is a nice breeze in the air to keep the sweat off your brow.

The time of feeling “stuck” on campus is OVER. Get yourself on a bike and head out and about.

Just today the 6th annual Bicycle Bash took place in downtown Tampa at Contachobee Park and from everything I heard it was a great success. Small kids were fitted for and given free bike helmets from the Sheriff’s Department of Hillsborough County. Still others found cheap bikes they plan to use to roam around Tampa.

Additionally, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn lead a bike ride from City Hall to the Bash where he gave a speech and promised to work on making Tampa more bicycle friendly.

Making Tampa and Florida for that matter, bike friendly is no small matter. We have one of the highest bike fatality rates in the U.S. Nevertheless, one of the ways we can reverse this figure is getting out there on our bikes and making sure drivers share the road. There is no excuse for not using a bike to get around Tampa especially in the months October to April, there is  very little rain, the roads are flat, and I am sure we ALL have places to go. So grab your bike (and your helmet) and head out on a ride today!

James Morris’ Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat

I took a moment to browse the new book shelf here in the library the other day and I noticed a title, James Morris’ Farewell the Trumpets: an Imperial Retreat.

This book caught my eye because I read it for one of my undergraduate history classes. It is great when a book can bring back memories. The class was British Empire history taught by Professor Jo N. Hays at Loyola University. I can remember that class like it was yesterday. Maybe it was so memorable to me because a few days in to the term Professor Hays had a stroke. We had substitute faculty for a few weeks. Eventually Professor Hays returned. Of course, just thinking about those days made me look into what Professor Hays is up to. I am happy to report he is now a Professor Emeritus who still studies and writes on Western imperialism. Indeed it is good to know some things never change! I wonder if anyone else finds it as exciting as I do that the  internet has made it possible for me to check up on my old professor in an instant and to spur great memories? Perhaps I am just a sentimental fool….

In any case, Farewell the Trumpets is part of a three-volume series. If I remember correctly we read the last two volumes.  I feel fortunate to have visited a few of the places mentioned in this work including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Penang, Malaysia.

It might be time for me to re-read Morris’s work, after all, the New York Times Book Review  describes it as “an unorthodox masterpiece, a wise, witty, romantic love-hate affair with a dying empire.”

Interested in checking out Farewell the Trumpets? You can find it on the new book shelf until the end of November (unless it gets checked out). Its call number is: DA 16 .M595 1980. The new book shelf is located directly across from the reference desk by the cozy chairs and lamps – take some time to browse the shelf today…Happy reading!

Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat