Final in the Series: Your University of Tampa Librarians

Librarian Laura Rounds is one busy person! She is in charge of acquisitions, cataloging, and systems here at the Macdonald-Kelce Library. So, what does that actually mean? Well, acquisitions is just like it sounds, her work involves all the things we acquire here at the library: ordering books, Ebooks, DVDs, etc. Cataloging involves creating access points to all the materials we acquire so you can find them in the online catalog through all the various search types (e.g., keyword, title, author, call number, subject heading, etc.).  Finally, Laura’s work as the systems librarian requires her oversee the management of our integrated library system, which includes the online catalog UTOPIA.  Laura also does reference work – it makes me tired just thinking about all she does!

Now that you know what Laura does at the library, let me tell you how she got here. Laura started her undergraduate experience at Saint Petersburg Junior College (now just known as Saint Petersburg College). She then went on to the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

Originally she hoped to become a museum curator but when she entered graduate school at the  University of South Florida it’s  Museum Studies concentration offered via their Applied Archeology program was defunct at that time. Despite promises of revival, after two semesters in the program she was facing having to do a second hot Florida summer archaeological dig, plus a thesis, and she still hadn’t had any courses in her chosen area. So, she decided to switch to Library Science where she now curates, books, DVDs, and realia (Librarian Elizabeth Barron makes sure she never has a shortage of hand puppets and board games to catalog).

Laura loves the variety of work she can accomplish here at UT. Additionally, she loves the fact that UT isn’t too big and it offers a great opportunity to test and implement new improvements since we aren’t bogged down by layers of bureaucracy the way larger institutions often are.

Laura encourages students to have a long-range plan, figure out what you want to do in life, and do what it takes to get there fast.

She is also an avid dog trainer with over twenty-five years of experience in all areas of competitive training and has appeared on television and film with her Australian Shepherds.

Finally, Laura reminds everyone to take advantage of the natural beauty in the area while it is still here to enjoy.

Laura can be found on the reference desk on Friday mornings.

AND to wrap things up…the other two librarians you will more than likely see around are Jeanne Vance and Mickey Wells. Both have a varied schedule but can usually be found on the reference desk most week days.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about your University of Tampa librarians. Always let us know how we can help you succeed during your time at UT.


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