Your University of Tampa Librarians: Part IV

[The series continues….] Today I would like introduce to you to Art Bagley. Art, like the rest of us, is a reference librarian. But, Art also is in charge of the Macdonald-Kelce Library’s Special Collections and Archives. Art knows a lot about the history of UT and Tampa in general. If you have a question about articles found in old copies of the Minaret or want to look at old yearbooks you need to find Art. Art has been a librarian for twenty-five years – all at UT!

Art has a bachelor’s degree in American history from Florida State University.  For awhile he worked for the state of Florida as Graphic Artist/Typographer/Editor. As time progressed he decided he wanted more than just a vocation, he wanted a career. Art returned to FSU and earned a Master’s degree in Library Science so that he could embark on a career involving the exploration of what he describes as “a vast sea of information, education, and entertainment.”

Art loves the variety of research projects/papers students always bring to the reference desk. The academic atmosphere challenges him to learn, to be aware, and to communicate with students.

Think things through — that is a bit of advice from Art. Whether this be about life decisions, course projects, etc. he sees no real reason to rush into a situation unless it’s an exercise in extemporaneous thinking or an actual emergency.

Art has a few more bits of wisdom to share: build your vocabulary (do crossword puzzles), do a good deed daily, volunteer to assist the less fortunate, look out for the other driver on the road, and never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.

Art can be found on the reference desk most mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the fall semester. Stop by and say “Hi.”


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