New Arrivals: Advertising and Societies: Global Issues, second edition

Advertising and Societies: Global Issues is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and practitioners.  Gender, race, and children are some of the categories used to analyze international advertising. The authors further examine global advertising as it relates to cultural, economic, political, and regulatory issues. The text contains an abundance of illustrative examples, supportive data, and extensive references.

From the Publishers Description: Now in its second edition, Advertising and Societies: Global Issues provides an international perspective on the practice of advertising while examining some of the ethical and social ramifications of advertising in global societies. The book illustrates how issues such as the representation of women and minorities in ads, advertising and children, and advertising in the digital era have relevance to a wider global community. This new edition has been updated to reflect the dramatic changes impacting the field of advertising that have taken place since publication of the first edition. The growing importance of emerging markets is discussed, and new photos are included. The book provides students and scholars with a comprehensive review of the literature on advertising and society and uses practical examples from international media to document how global advertising and global consumer culture operate, making it an indispensable research tool and invaluable for classroom use.


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