PrivCo – Database for researching private companies

We’ve recently added PrivCo to our list of databases. Locating information on private companies is challenging, but PrivCo does a tremendous job on collecting and organizing information about private companies.

From their about page —

PrivCo is the source for private company business and financial intelligence. The PrivCo team is obsessed with sourcing accurate, complete, and timely private company research and we take pride in finding the “hard-to-find.”

PrivCo delivers in-depth and timely business intelligence, not even comparable to basic company contact information available for purchase from other companies and an assortment of business-list providers using automated web spiders. The PrivCo Team searches, gathers, reaches out, and makes sense of critical private company business and financial information.

If you’re interested in venture capital, or research on companies considering going public, this is definitely a resource you’ll want to check out. Like all of our databases, PrivCo is only available to the UT community, and you must log into Esearch for access. Your Esearch username and password is the same as your Spartans Domain.

UPDATE: Whoops! It hasn’t made it to the Esearch page yet. There’s typically a lag of a few days between when something gets added to the Databases page and when it gets added to the Esearch page. That means that PrivCo is currently only available from within the library. If PrivCo doesn’t show up, refresh your browser (your browser may be pulling from a cached image of the page). I’ll update this post when PrivCo is available through Esearch.


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