Your University of Tampa Librarians: Part III

Librarian Shannon Spencer is responsible for our serials collection. Now I am guessing you are probably thinking that I can’t spell, and wondering what your favorite breakfast treat has to do with libraries and librarians. While I am pretty sure Shannon enjoys a good cereal like most, we are talking about serials here (and I did spell it right!).

Serials for the uninformed are a type of periodical publication. Oh, now I guess you need to know what is a periodical publication, that would be an item that comes out, you guessed it, PERIODICALLY….weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. Some examples would be a newspaper, a magazine, a journal, a comic book, a world almanac, an annual report. A lot of the serials we get here at the Macdonald-Kelce Library are part of our subscription databases but we do still get some “hard” or original copies and we do keep some older versions, hard copies and microforms in storage. Shannon manages all of this and that makes her one busy librarian, if you ask me!

Before coming to UT and sharing her vast skills as a serials librarian, Shannon was an undergraduate like you and like you she started her undergraduate studies deep in the heart of Dixie but instead of UT she set her sights on the University of Georgia BUT she ended up graduating from a snowbelt school: the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in communication.

Later Shannon earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University and finally a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida.

So, why did Shannon decided to become a librarian? For Shannon it was where she spent most of her time so it just seemed fitting that she would pursue a career in libraries.

Shannon enjoys interacting with students and faculty here at UT, hearing about what they’re studying and researching. She also loves the locale of UT – being next to the river provides her peace of mind and of course attending yoga classes at McNiff a few times a week also helps!

The advice to students Shannon suggests, is to be curious, explore as much as you can, and don’t get stuck into thinking you have to do anything – I guess she wants you know you can CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Some things Shannon hopes you do during you time at UT is a get a ride out to Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, catch a flick at the Tampa Theatre, and if at all possible make your way down to the Keys at least once!

Shannon can be found at the library on the reference desk most Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Stop by and say hi and try and stump her with a question about a cereal, I mean a serial…oh whatever….


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