Finding Citation Information Through WorldCat

There are multiple ways to write a correct citation for your sources. You can use the Online Writing Lab at Purdue (highly recommended). You can use the citation generator found in most databases (most, but not all, look for a link that says cite, citation, or export). You can export your citation to RefWorks. (Not familiar with RefWorks? Check out these tutorials.)

Or, you can use WorldCat. WorldCat is a specialized search engine that searches every library in North America. It’s the resource I use when I need to get a citation for a scholarly article or a book. It doesn’t have a citation for everything, but it works for nearly all scholarly articles and books (as well as DVDs).

For my example today, inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive, I’ll search for the history of skydiving. I found the following three articles, used them in my research, but forgot to write down the citation information. Now, I’ll see if I can get the necessary information (formatted correctly) for the following three articles.

“An Exploration of High-Risk Leisure Consumption Through Skydiving” by Richard L. Celsi, Randall L. Rose and Thomas W. Leigh;

“Policing the Edge: Risk and Social Control in Skydiving” by Jason Laurendeaua and E. G. Van Brunschota;

“A summary of US skydiving fatalities: 1993-1999” by James D. Griffith, and Christian L. Hart.

First, note that WorldCat is a free resource and this is one case where you do not need to log into Esearch before using the database.

Second, be sure to place your entire title in quotes when doing your search.

I do the search, and the article appears at the top of my search result. I click on the title and on the results page I look for a link that reads – Cite/Export. I click on that link and I’m given a choice between styles. Here’s the citation for APA –

Celsi, R. L., Rose, R. L., & Leigh, T. W. (June 01, 1993). An Exploration of High-Risk Leisure Consumption Through Skydiving. Journal of Consumer Research, 20, 1, 1-23.

Here’s the second article in MLA style –

Laurendeau, J, and Brunschot E. G. Van. “Policing the Edge: Risk and Social Control in Skydiving.” Deviant Behaviour. 27.2 (2006): 173-201. Print.

And the third article is not in the WorldCat database. Which goes to show, it contains a lot, but not everything.


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