Education Librarian Elizabeth Barron Interviewed by WMNF

UT librarian Elizabeth Barron, who oversees the education collection, attended the recent screening of Won’t Back Down at the Straz Center during the week of the Republican National Convention. Won’t Back Down was presented by former Governor Jeb Bush and educator Michelle Rhee garner support for “parent trigger” legislation.

WMNF reporter Janelle Irwin approached Ms. Barron after the screening to get her opinion.

“Because you’re taking money away from the public education system and you’re putting it into other people’s hands and I want to know who’s accountable for that. I believe there is a place for private education, but it is not with public funds. “

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One response to “Education Librarian Elizabeth Barron Interviewed by WMNF

  1. I think the idea that you can’t get fired if you have tenure is bogus. Tenure in any job is recognition of your work and your commitment to that institution. If things go south (i.e. you stop performing up to standards) then any institution can and should take action to separate you from employment. Of course this would require administrators to do their jobs of counseling and documenting employee behaviors. Maybe people like Ms Rhee and Jeb Bush should take that in consideration instead of always attacking teachers.