I hope the first week of summer session is treating you well. Obviously, it’s not as crowded in the library over the summer as during the regular academic year, but that doesn’t mean we’re not busy.

An important part of a librarian’s job is to add material to the collection. We buy books, magazines, journals, databases and other items to help support the goals of the University. However, since space is limited, another important part of our job is “weeding” the collection; removing items that are out-dated, in poor condition, or that no longer contribute to furthering the goals of scholarship. Over the course of the last few semesters we have weeded the periodicals and reference collection so we can fit them into smaller spaces. During the intersession we shifted part of our collection to create some more space. During the summer we’re removing shelves and replacing them with more tables, chairs, and electrical outlets.

While we’re striving to get most of the noisy work done when the library is closed there may be times when it’s a little noisier in the library than usual. Please bear with us. We think that the end result will make for a better library experience for us all.

I only have this one picture right now. Next week I’ll post more images of the changes taking place on the first floor.


One response to “Remodeling

  1. The new study spaces are going to be terrific!