Learning vs. Education

A colleague and I have an on-going discussion about the impact online education will have on traditional universities. I recently stumbled across this interesting post which suggests ‘education’ should be distinguished from ‘learning’.

“With the advent of open education resources, social networking technologies and new pedagogies for online and blended learning, we are in the early stages of a significant disruption in current models of education. ‘Learning’ is beginning to peel away from ‘Education’ as a separate market, with its own set of opportunities and challenges for practitioners, technologists, and entrepreneurs. While ‘education’ is driven by schools, colleges, and governments, ‘learning’ focuses on empowering the individual to take charge of their learning.”

Unfortunately the entire talk by Dr. Ashwin Ram is not available online, but he’s posted the slides he used during his talk. He gave his talk to the UC Berkeley School of Information on April 11, 2012. He argues that online learning tools will disrupt traditional systems of education as online health tools will disrupt traditional systems of healthcare.


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