Reference Question of the Week: Do you have SPSS, Crystal Ball, Rosetta Stone, etc. software loaded on the library computers?

It’s a little hard to distinguish, but there are two types of computers in the library. The models are basically the same, but the computers in the glass-walled room on the first floor are one of the computer labs overseen by UT’s Information Technology (IT) department. The rest of the computers in the library are overseen by library staff. The computers in the Computer Lab contain some slightly different software than the rest of the library computers.

Computer labs are found in Plant Hall, in the Jaeb Computer Center, Sykes, and Vaughn. A language lab can be found in RIVC. You can find more information about campus computer labs here (including hours of operation).

All computers overseen by IT should have the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) as well as SPSS and assorted browsers.

The following software can be found only in a few labs:

Argus (JS 135 & Library)
Crystal Ball (JS 135 & Library)
MAC OS (Vaughn Lab)
Microsoft Office for Macs (Vaughn Lab)
Stratsim Marketing Simulation (JS143)

If you need help with any computer or software in a computer lab contact Information Technology by email (, phone (813) 253-6293, or by visiting Jaeb Computer Center during office hours (check to see if they’re open before visiting).


Rosetta Stone, a language-learning software, can be found on the computers in the Language Learning Center in RIVC. The library also has a computer with Rosetta Stone software. Ask at the Circulation Desk for access to the library’s computer with Rosetta Stone software.


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