Random Pro-Library Plug from Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow

Since so many people don’t really know what librarians do, it’s nice to run across a random post from someone (not a librarian) who really gets it. Cory Doctorow writes science fiction and blogs at Boing Boing (a tech culture and geek media site). Thanks, Cory! (I also dream of a day when libraries and hackspaces (aka hackerspaces) meet up. Anyone interested in starting a hackspace at UT?)

“[M]any’s the time I’ve walked into a good library and asked the reference librarians for help with something really chewy — the sort of thing I might otherwise pay a researcher to find. Unlike a paid researcher, reference librarians usually don’t just give you the answer, but rather take you by the hand and guide you through the use of library resources (including proprietary databases that aren’t accessible over your home Internet connection), giving you an education in problem-solving as well as the solution to your problem.

“Librarians, ultimately, are in the business of evaluating the authority of information sources, a problem that has never confronted more people than it does in the era of the Internet.” –[source]


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