New Arrivals: Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage: Biodiversity, Landscapes, Stewardship, and Opportunities

According to the publisher, The Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage was envisioned as a resource that would appeal to a wide-ranging audience. The book is full of colorful maps, graphics, and photography.  Hopefully, it will increase awareness many take for granted, as well as present the many challenges faced in preserving Florida’s natural heritage.

The atlas is also for those who are informed, interested, and/or influential in environmental issues, but may lack specific information and expertise. These may include planners, policymakers, and environmental/conservation advocates from the local to state level.  While the atlas may not provide “new information” to this audience, it will serve as a useful reference that brings many of the elements of biodiversity together in one publication. The final audience are the citizens of Florida and those who may visit our state.

Florida’s biodiversity is not only important to maintaining our quality of life, but is a primary reason why so many people visit the state.

Author: Knight, G.R.

Title: Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage: Biodiversity, Landscapes, Stewardship, and Opportunities.

Publisher: Institute of Science and Public Affairs, Florida State University.

Location: Reference

Call number: G1316. G3 A85 2011


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