Free Stuff Fridays: Free Ebooks

With the growing number of e-readers it’s getting easier and easier to read electronic books. Plus, since most of the works published before 1923 in the United States are now in the public domain, substantial libraries of classic works are available for free. Here are some resources for free books.

Project Gutenberg: One of the oldest and most venerable sites for free electronic books. Project Gutenberg asks volunteers to digitize works in the public domain and collects these works on its site:

Amazon: You can find Amazon’s top 100 free e-books for the Kindle here:

Google: Here’s Google’s page for their most popular free e-books:

Feedbooks: Both free books and books you can pay for are available through sites like Feedbooks:

Public Library: Some public libraries support checking out e-books to the Kindle. For example, here’s how to check out e-books to your Kindle for members of the Hillsborough County Public Library Consortium (including Tampa’s public library system):

The Macdonald Kelce has a growing collection of ebooks. These works, however, are only available if you first log into Esearch before searching the online catalog.


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