Reference Question of the Week: Do you have films in Mandarin Chinese?


For this search I went to the online catalog and used the ‘Quick Limit’ drop-down menu on the right-hand side to restrict my search to just the DVD collection. Then I used the search term Mandarin.

The first result is Yin shi nan nü [videorecording] = Eat drink man woman. (Note that even though the record title reads “videorecording” a close look at the record reveals that this is a DVD and not a video.)

This is not a perfect method for finding only films where the principle language spoken is Mandarin Chinese. Unfortunately our search engine is not quite sophisticated enough for that. To find out how Mandarin Chinese is utilized in the recording (spoken, subtitled or dubbed, for example) click on the ‘Bibliographic’ button when you bring up the record. Typically somewhere on that page will be an indication of whether Mandarin Chinese is the principle language, or a language option for the recording.

This search technique works for other languages as well.


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