Reference Question of the Week: Where can I find Key Business Ratios?

Mergent recently purchased Key Business Ratios (a database that provides… wait for it… key business ratios) from Dunn & Bradstreet.

We’ve had Key Business Ratios in our collection of databases for quite some time, but the switchover has made the page look a little odd.

First, make sure that you’re logging in through Esearch. When you select Key Business Ratios it looks like you need to log in again using the fields on the left-hand side of the page. You do not. There’s a lot of red text in the center of the page with some links. Read that text and follow the link provided. Then there will be another page where you have to press a ‘Continue’ button before finally reaching the Key Business Ratios page.

KBR is easiest to use if you know the SIC code (the Standard Industrial Classification code pre-dates the NAICS, and is obviously still used by some databases). You can also use the Line of Business drop-down menu, but sometimes the Line of Business is not readily obvious. Restaurants, for example, are categorized under Eating Places.


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