Reference Question of the Week: Where can I find the FASB accounting standards codification and information on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

Until recently the record in the library catalog directed students to a librarian to get the password to the FASB accounting standards codification. That note has been changed to direct students to the (academic) Accounting Department. If you need access to the FASB accounting standards codification for your class contact Professor Bostick.

Another resource that may be of some use is the Wiley GAAP in LexisNexis. Go to LexisNexis from our list of databases (make sure you’re logged into Esearch). On the left-hand side choose Sources, then Find Sources. In the keyword search box search for GAAP.

Check the box for Wiley GAAP and now on the right-hand side press the red button that says Continue. Now you can search within Wiley GAAP.

You might also be interested in standards available at the AICPA (including the Code of Conduct):


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