Reference Question of the Week: How do I find tax cases and revenue rulings in IntelliConnect?

This week’s question involves IntelliConnect which you can find in the list of databases under CCH OmniTax Library.

Unlike most of our other databases you will need to create a unique username and password for IntelliConnect while on campus. Once you’ve established an account you can access from anywhere.

If you already have a citation use the ‘Citator’ function to locate tax cases and rulings.

You can also use the Citator function when you have a case document open. When the case document is open click the Citator link/icon at the top. A new tab will appear and provide the Citator listing. Do a search in ‘all content’ on ‘revenue ruling’ to get general information.

“With IntelliConnect, you can track the history of cases and rulings through the legal process by using the Citator.

“The Citator allows you to determine whether a case or ruling is still current, whether there are any other cases or rulings on the same point of law that should be considered, and whether the ruling in the case is still good.

“The Citator also lists court cases and rulings that significantly comment on a cited case or ruling. The Citator shows all paragraphs in publications where a cited case or ruling is annotated, and it also provides citations to cases and rulings that may have been superseded by (or may supersede) your case or ruling.”

You can find a 1-hr training video as well as quick-start .pdfs on using IntelliConnect here.


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