Reference Question of the Week: Why Won’t My Password Work?

Some weeks we get hit with the same questions over and over. Since not everyone stops by the Reference Desk I’m going to select a question or two every Thursday to answer here. (Also, if you have any questions about the Library, our resources, or how to do research, please send me an email, or ask in the comments.)

This week the most common question, or statement rather, has been — “I can’t log in.”

Often log in issues with your Spartans Domain can be resolved by going to SpartanWeb and changing your password. Periodically IT will send out a message asking everyone to change their passwords. If you let the deadline slip then your old Spartans Domain password no longer works.

To change your password log in to SpartanWeb, go to the Campus Life tab, select the Information Technology link, and then the Spartans Domain Password Utility link. From there you should be able to change or re-set your password, or have it emailed to you if you’ve forgotten it.

Other common problems are attempting too many incorrect log ins (for example, if the Caps Lock key was on and you tried unsuccessfully to log in three times or more). After the third failed attempt the system locks you out for 30 minutes as a security precaution.

If neither changing your password, or waiting and trying again works, contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance at or at x6255 or visit them at VC 233A or in the Jaeb Computer Center in East Walker Hall.


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