Atomic Learning

Need to learn how to use some software? Check out Atomic Learning.

Atomic Learning is an extensive collection of online software training videos ranging from tutorials on how to use MS Access to how to use WordPress. The range of software covered is truly impressive. There are tutorials for all Adobe, MS, and Google products, and it covers software for both PC and Mac. It also includes tutorials on SPSS and Blackboard.

The log-in process is slightly different than accessing the rest of our databases, but still simple. Instead of logging into Esearch first, and then following the link, follow the link and then log in using your Spartan Domain user ID and password (just as you would if logging into Esearch).

The videos are divided into the categories of tutorials, projects, and workshops, depending on how much you want to learn. I’m currently working my way through the “Searching the Web – Advanced” workshop.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Go to Log in with your Spartans domain/Esearch password. You log in to this database the same way as just described, whether you are on campus or a remote location. This source will be listed on the databases page and Esearch, but it is just a link to


Atomic Learning is an online software training resource for faculty, staff and students. This material will help you begin to learn, get up to par, set up student or work group assignments developing knowledge

To Use Atomic Learning:

1.Got to
2. Log on with your Spartans domain login and password.
3. Use the drop down menu to locate the software and version that you have
4. Click the link for the material you want to view.
5. The video will play in a new window.

This database offers training on over 125 of the most commonly used software applications, such as MS Office, Adobe CS, Blackboard, SPSS, etc. Each video lasts one to three minutes and breaks down the material in a very clear set of instructions. This database is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home, off-campus, office. etc

In addition to what has previously been mentioned also included:

– Designed projects illustrating innovative uses of technology
– Workshops on copyright, blogging, social media, google apps, etc.
– Many tutorials added every week
– Storyboard Pro software and instruction on how to develop online content.
– Assessment and Self-assessment tools fro tracking progress.
– Spanish language tutorials
– Closed captioning
– For PC or Mac

Check out this new source and let us know what you think. If there are questions faculty contact Joy Harris at x6305 . Staff and students contact the library


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